i can’t dance

Not to beat a dead horse about medications and side effects, but weight gain is a big (pardon the pun) deal with seroquel.  The weight gain can depress the shit out of you.


I came to be friends with a really nice person on a taper website who seemed to have a great escape for tapering off while beating the weight gain blues. She danced. I mean:


I have no idea where she lives or how she could afford to do this but she lost 40 lbs in 5 months and beat her chemical addiction to a medication by shear will-power.

She must have been exhausted, BUT, The point is; SHE WON.

I imagine that she had to be a little selfish to accomplish this. She admitted that she only focused on what she had to do and nothing else. Nothing came before her ‘climb out of her situation’, and she was fortunate enough to not have children, so her path was more clear than perhaps someone with teenagers or dependent parents.

I only have 2 chihuahuas and 2 cats – and a work at home husband. Easy, right? Hell no.

I have always been a fan of aerobic exercise. I prefer it indoors, A/C blasting, windows covered, phone off, music pumping, no mirror, and alone. Hey it works for me.

AND I just found this on you tube and I love it so much I’m locking the door right now.

There is a free mix download of the music in the links below the video if you need something new to listen to while driving to work or whatever.

Every day I’m Shufflin’

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