So I’m on social media and I see this quote:

“In our preoccupations with sex, our submission to gods and leaders, our sometimes suicidal commitment to ideas, religions, and trivial details of cultural style, we become the unconscious creators of the social organism’s exploits.” – Howard Bloom

and I’m like – that’s obvious. Then I am more baffled by the fact that someone is quoting him.

Then, maybe it’s just me but, I’m thinking “do people actually think this is a profound thought?”

…and then I’m all like…. yikes … shit people… if this blather is passing for

  1. deep insight; great depth of knowledge or thought.
    “the simplicity and profundity of the message”
    • a statement or idea that shows great knowledge or insight.

then I could start a cult right now and really baffle some people with some recycled bullshit from a 1940’s philosophy class. We aren’t getting smarter, we’re falling for anything.

Nothing against Mr. Bloom. More power to you captain obvious; at least someone is listening to something, rather than nothing at all.

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