desperately seeking snake charmers

Not like this: 

Migrating upwards from the everglades are reptiles and amphibians that don’t belong in Florida. The invasive species are slowly but surely eliminating the natural wildlife and habitat of some very beautiful animals.


If you haven’t heard about it – it’s because it doesn’t make headlines like the Kardashians, but it’s just as annoying and dangerous – actually it’s more dangerous but very few people seem to care. Residents don’t usually care, really, ¬†unless they lose a pet or two.

If you want to make a few bucks – join the SFWMD with your skills and a gun and help out the environment and have yourself an adventure.

Why? Look hereand here – and here.

I just received a poll from the University of Florida asking my input on how to deal with Florida invasive species, and it broke my heart to think that our tax dollars are going towards the death of innocent creatures.  Unfortunately, these innocent snakes are eating all of our innocent indigenous wildlife.


The invasive Burmese pythons have reached the swamps of Central Florida AND have even been spotted in the panhandle – according to this map.


This is what happens eventually when exotic reptiles are released either due to a hurricane (Andrew caused a LOT of this) or when a well-meaning pet owner can’t deal with the size of their pet or it’s appetite. It’s a battle that Florida is losing.

Spread the word. There are plenty to catch next spring.