desperately seeking snake charmers

Not like this: 

Migrating upwards from the everglades are reptiles and amphibians that don’t belong in Florida. The invasive species are slowly but surely eliminating the natural wildlife and habitat of some very beautiful animals.


If you haven’t heard about it – it’s because it doesn’t make headlines like the Kardashians, but it’s just as annoying and dangerous – actually it’s more dangerous but very few people seem to care. Residents don’t usually care, really,  unless they lose a pet or two.

If you want to make a few bucks – join the SFWMD with your skills and a gun and help out the environment and have yourself an adventure.

Why? Look hereand here – and here.

I just received a poll from the University of Florida asking my input on how to deal with Florida invasive species, and it broke my heart to think that our tax dollars are going towards the death of innocent creatures.  Unfortunately, these innocent snakes are eating all of our innocent indigenous wildlife.


The invasive Burmese pythons have reached the swamps of Central Florida AND have even been spotted in the panhandle – according to this map.


This is what happens eventually when exotic reptiles are released either due to a hurricane (Andrew caused a LOT of this) or when a well-meaning pet owner can’t deal with the size of their pet or it’s appetite. It’s a battle that Florida is losing.

Spread the word. There are plenty to catch next spring.


everyone that wants to see OJ Simpson released

  • OJ Simpson
  • His fans
  • Anyone who can make money from his release
  • Christopher Darden
  • People of color with righteous indignation
  • People with white man’s guilt
  • Reality TV executives

Who doesn’t want to see him released:

  • Fred Goldman
  • People who are sick of hearing about OJ Simpson
  • Marcia Clark
  • Bitter white people
  • Bitter people of color
  • me because …

#lightenup #lalalala #ican’thearyou #realitytvsux





So I’m on social media and I see this quote:

“In our preoccupations with sex, our submission to gods and leaders, our sometimes suicidal commitment to ideas, religions, and trivial details of cultural style, we become the unconscious creators of the social organism’s exploits.” – Howard Bloom

and I’m like – that’s obvious. Then I am more baffled by the fact that someone is quoting him.

Then, maybe it’s just me but, I’m thinking “do people actually think this is a profound thought?”

…and then I’m all like…. yikes … shit people… if this blather is passing for

  1. deep insight; great depth of knowledge or thought.
    “the simplicity and profundity of the message”
    • a statement or idea that shows great knowledge or insight.

then I could start a cult right now and really baffle some people with some recycled bullshit from a 1940’s philosophy class. We aren’t getting smarter, we’re falling for anything.

Nothing against Mr. Bloom. More power to you captain obvious; at least someone is listening to something, rather than nothing at all.

fan girl

24 hour delay and why i don’t own a tv

The premier of the 7th Season of #gameofthrones was last night and I’ve been avoiding spoilers on the internet as much as I possibly can because not only do I not have HBO, I also don’t own a tv.

But I still saw this picture and can’t wait to see how the scene goes. Apparently twitter is having a good time with it. I happen to love Ed Sheeran so sticks and stones y’all.


Still no tv tho – I know – big deal.

I’m aware of how unimpressive this fact is. Truth is, I had a very lovely HD flat screen tv that was struck by lightning 2 yrs ago when I lived in the lightning capitol of the USA. I had owned it for exactly 4 months, and even mourned its loss.  It was a very expensive gift from my step-dad who had gone into the hospital.

I ABSOLUTELY don’t miss the commercials though. I had actually stopped watching it because of the ad breaks every 7 minutes during #thewalkingdead made me want to scream   tear out my hair   stab myself repeatedly with a sharp knife  cry. Commercials suck out your soul. I agree with George Carlin and Bill Hicks. If you don’t know who they are, let’s just say that they are the two most plagerized stand-up comedians of the 20th century.

Hence the 24 hour delay. It’s been uploaded to the Internet (thank you – you deliciously evil illegal uploaders) since last night but I like to watch movies and shows closer to bedtime while I’m in a relaxed frame of mind. Because sitting will kill you, apparently.

BUT if you still feel that not having a tv is a horrible, awful, pathetic, plague, of the social fiber of my existence I will agree with you.

Message me and I will give you the address where you can send a new one. Geico, Nestle’, & Budweiser will thank you for it.


i can’t dance

Not to beat a dead horse about medications and side effects, but weight gain is a big (pardon the pun) deal with seroquel.  The weight gain can depress the shit out of you.


I came to be friends with a really nice person on a taper website who seemed to have a great escape for tapering off while beating the weight gain blues. She danced. I mean:


I have no idea where she lives or how she could afford to do this but she lost 40 lbs in 5 months and beat her chemical addiction to a medication by shear will-power.

She must have been exhausted, BUT, The point is; SHE WON.

I imagine that she had to be a little selfish to accomplish this. She admitted that she only focused on what she had to do and nothing else. Nothing came before her ‘climb out of her situation’, and she was fortunate enough to not have children, so her path was more clear than perhaps someone with teenagers or dependent parents.

I only have 2 chihuahuas and 2 cats – and a work at home husband. Easy, right? Hell no.

I have always been a fan of aerobic exercise. I prefer it indoors, A/C blasting, windows covered, phone off, music pumping, no mirror, and alone. Hey it works for me.

AND I just found this on you tube and I love it so much I’m locking the door right now.

There is a free mix download of the music in the links below the video if you need something new to listen to while driving to work or whatever.

Every day I’m Shufflin’


the hardest thing i have to do today

Have you ever had to photograph something to sell? Have you ever had to take a picture of a black dress or a black shirt?

I obviously have the wrong equipment because although my phone camera refuses to focus correctly on a pair of black Ralph Lauren jeans I am trying to sell – it still has the resolution of a microscope.

I’ve got pets – all rescues – and no matter how much I clean, vacuum, dust, and wipe – I literally have to remove every speck of lint on any dark surface with a fist full of tape.

Because I just want to sell the jeans, but the pictures take hours to get right.

And I am never leaving the house wearing a black t-shirt ever again.


Cat shirt image courtesy of sunfrog.com


so a little about me

Millions of people struggle every day with one or more parts of their personality and I am no exception. Last year was the worst for me. Diagnosed bipolar (finally), I thought my problem was solved. I got the medication and expected it to all be over in a month or so.

The medications seemed to be making my problem worse. Included in my toxic cocktail:


The Dr. asked me to give it more time and “adjusted” my medication. Now I was in guinea pig mode (add seroquel, add lamictal, remove lithium, add klonopin)  and the fluctuations in my already scrambled chemistry were making life unbearable.

‘I’ was already unbearable. My problem started as a teenager and was always the troubled child. I get what the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was based on. I’d be fine then I’d be insane. I shunned my family gatherings. Holidays were a nightmare. I scared my mother. My son stays an arms reach from me. I self-medicated. I self medicated a LOT.  BTW – lamictal works if you like to feel like a zombie. *note – I removed that myself and felt the withdrawals for 2 months. Seroquel is next, but I will be sick for months.

It’s been 14 months since my official diagnosis and 8 years since a physician suspected I might be “chemically imbalanced”. Today – I can FINALLY write about it but I’m still a jerk about what I’ve been through since I couldn’t help it but the damage has been done.

If this sounds familiar and you’ve been through this – you have my sincerest sympathy.

If you are chemically addicted to unnecessary medications from well-meaning doctors – again – you have my sincerest sympathy.

If you’ve been radically changed as a human being due to an incorrect diagnosis and feel the stigma that is still attached to being “different” I can truly relate. Join the club.


Eventually (hopefully sooner than later) you will reach a point where you will become circumspect about certain people, places, and things.  You will learn your triggers and adopt better coping skills. You will “listen” to your medications when they work, or learn what to do if they betray you.

In any event, there is hope. YOU have to find the strength to look past what is done and look forward to what is or what can be. Realize that you can’t change the past. Yes, I still find myself looking back and cringing about things I have done and said and yes, they are too many to recall and some REALLY stand out. I’ve been paralyzed by these thoughts on many occasions yet I can do nothing about the past.  So the key is to divert your attention. I sincerely mean this. DIVERT your attention. Listen to THE SECRET, listen to a taped sermon from a church you belong to, or simply watch a movie, comedies are the best. Netflix is your friend. If you can’t divert – dig into your job as best you can. Listen to someone else instead of your head. Just try to stay out of your head and out of its way.

If you are defining yourself by the medications you take you may, perhaps, be stepping on your own feet. Attempt to define yourself by your successes and your strengths. If you define yourself by “what you think other people think of you” may I suggest that you get out of your head and try listening to some speakers and philosophers about self-consciousness and the nature of the human ego.

In my case I try to visualize a realistic future where I am less of an ass about myself and my life and don’t take it out on people. I try every day. YOU have to try every day too. You can do this.

Baby steps.